Dr. Pop M.D., medical doctor, speaker, author and researcher decides to publicly announce..

WARNING: Medical Doctor’s Amazing New Technology:


Now You Can Finally Keep Fit And Stay Healthy, Just By Drinking This Miracle Fluid That Medical Doctors Call “Unbelievable”!

From: The Desk of Dr. Calin V. Pop, MD
Re: Keep Fit And Stay Healthy In Just One Drop

Dear Friend,

Ever wonder how just a single drop can possibly cure and prevent infectious diseases?

You are about to find out about this revolutionary product, that is arguably the best liquid anti-infectious, ‘healing’ agent on the market right now.

So, today I want to let you in on a closely-guarded secret that the military has been using for their soldiers to combat everyday sickness and disease and to disinfect wounds in the field.

Former Air Force Surgeon General, P.K. Carlton, had this to say about it:

“The anti-microbial has undergone rigorous testing and has been found to kill Anthrax, Plague, MRSA and SARS (in the lab). It is the first new anti-microbial for the hospitals in many years. In addition it is non-toxic to humans. We currently do not have anything with such a wide spectrum of efficacy in our inventory.”

It is called Colloidal Silver and it will change your life forever.

Seriously, it will.

But first, you need to know something critically important that most bottling companies won’t tell you.

You don’t know it yet but…


You’ve Been Drinking Dirty, Filthy Water, Soups, Liquids..

In case you didn’t know, the water you drink from your household or local community tap has been recycled a mammoth 12 times before it even enters your mouth. The municipal water in the US is reported to filter liquids at a 95% clean rate. This means that there’s a 5% chance that the water you’re drinking is not completely clean at all!

Going on regular trips where you could be exposed to high levels of infection or consumption of contaminated liquids, you want peace of mind that your health is not at risk.

In fact, bacteria, funguses and viruses can be found even in the household in areas we think are ‘safe‘ for the family. These ailments can cause victims to be bed ridden, infected, weak, even facing death and agony.

In order to curb this problem, you will need a solution that can defend you from these health risks and keep you and your family from debilitating and irritating illnesses.


True Colloidal Silver

colloidal silver just one drop

 The World's Best Coated Colloidal Silver Concentrate

Amazing New Technology

Just One Drop!

What Is Colloidal Silver Concentrate?

Colloidal Silver concentrate can be diluted in water, soups, tea, soda-pop, coffee or any other water based liquid you may think of.

Our colloidal Silver Concentrate  comes in a 5 cc vial giving you 68 drops, enough for a treatment or 2-3 months of treatment or 5-7months of prevention.

A usual dose of 1 drop (there are 16 drops per cc) in your liquids every day or every other day will treat most infections if taken for a week or so before, or simply adding 1 drop once or twice a week in any liquid daily will give you a long lasting prevention. You will be free from infections & worry.

In case you missed it, my Colloidal Silver concentrate is right now the best product out in the market. And I’m not just saying that either.

Our product was tested and proven in a US Government/US Air Force laboratory against Ebola like viruses – from the same family of hemorrhagic viruses as Ebola, but less virulent so that researchers would be safe.

The result: Our Colloidal Silver eradicated the virus in 48 hours or less. By the time 2 days passed, there was no trace of the virus left in the sample.

Now, this is impressive if you ask me. Not many competitors can say this.

Why do I say our colloidal silver is different and why do I call it a concentrate?

Because our colloidal silver solution is so concentrated that you can dilute it 20-25 times and it will still be more concentrated than almost all commercially available products on the market right now.

The Good News Today You Can Get Your Hands On This...

True Coated Colloidal Silver

Now you too can get your hands on this amazing, out True, Coated Colloidal Silver.  The best part is that you can start doing it right now today. There's no waiting and only time is stepping between you and enjoying this piece of world scientific history today. For anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal applications.

colloidal silver 2

Important: This is a super-concentrate!
Just One Drop in a 1 oz bottle of water gives you more silver than what is sold out there for $19-$29.
There are 86 drops per bottle!

Why should you start using it?

Best in The World, Researched, Highest Quality, Stable. Professionally Manufacured in The USA in Most Advanced Laboratory. No knock-offs. We hold intelllectual property.

✔ Best and Safest Silver To Be Ingested. Does NOT affect beneficial bacteria. Gentle non-caustic antimicrobial agent.

✔ Does not get trapped in the body. Does not damage or modify cells and tissues. Unmatched Particle Size, Consistency and Stability.

colloidal silver 3

Important: This is a super-concentrate!
Just One Drop in a 1 oz bottle of water gives you more silver than what is sold out there for $19-$29.
There are 86 drops per bottle!

You might still be thinking...

"Ok, Who Are You And Why Should I Even Listen To YOU?"

My name Dr. Calin V. Pop M.D. and I am a professional medical practitioner, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. I am the founder and president of Unique Health Solutions, a medical center combining traditional medicine with  the most cutting edge alternative, complementary and self improvement techniques.

I have successfully treated thousands of individuals over the last 25 years & have over 35 years experience in the medical field, having a deep passion for helping & transforming people’s lives through medicinal science and procedure.

Over the years I have researched the effects of how a special substance called True Colloidal Silver that can prevent the harmful effects that viruses, infections and bacteria cause to the body.

Colloidal Silver has been proven to protect individuals that use it against the onslaught of bacteria and treat bacterial infections.

Look, I am not talking about the silver that you find in the jewelry store that is sold candidly to young couples for their wedding ceremony.

No. I’m talking about a special colloidal silver concentrate, a medically formulated, powerful, little-known liquid form that can have profound effects towards living a fit, healthy & active lifestyle for those that use it.


A Liquid Concentrate Shows You How Anyone Can Possibly Cure & Prevent Infectious Diseases Or Your Money Back.

Discover the Immune-Boosting Elixir the US Army Secretly Slips Into Every Soldier's Backpack...



Colloidal Silver comes with a no quibbles, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you find that my product isn’t perfect for you, just send it back to me any time within 30 days and I’ll buy it back from you at the full purchase price. You have up to a full month to use the Colloidal Silver product without any obligation to keep it – to make sure that it is everything I say and more.

colloidal silver 4

Important: This is a super-concentrate!
Just One Drop in a 1 oz bottle of water gives you more silver than what is sold out there for $19-$29.
There are 86 drops per bottle!

Why Is Our Colloidal Silver The BEST?

In fact, here are some great reasons why our True Colloidal Silver concentrate is your best choice:

 ✔ It Has the Best & Highest Concentration in The World

Our Silver is 20-25,000 ppm, which means it is really easy & inexpensive to dilute and transport. Nobody else comes close. This is patented technology.

✔ It Has the Best & Highest Particle Uniformity

This makes it reliable; has no clumping and is safer as no trapping in the body occurs.

✔ It Has the Best & Highest Stability in Time

It practically has Unlimited shelf & storage time! May settle 10% or so after many years.

✔ It Has the Best & Highest Stability in Liquids

Can be used in paints, soft drinks, soups, oils, food etc.

✔ Advanced Nano-Technology, Researched and Reliable

You can rest assured you can trust this product for yours & your family’s safety.

✔ It Is the Best in the World, Researched, Highest Quality & Stable Solution

Many hours of expert research & analysis have gone into this product to give you immediate, real, transformative results.

Think of how your family will thank you for providing & keeping them safe from harm, even when you go on your amazing outdoor adventures.

Think of the peace of mind you will have once in unknown environments because your liquids will be protected by a proven substance that is known to work & protect.

My first concern when I developed this concentrate was safety. Therefore, my Colloidal silver concentrate contains absolutely no drugs. It is made up of 100% natural ingredients.

Our colloidal silver is safe to use. Actually, I went to great lengths to find studies and documents proving the safety of this kind of colloidal silver. The overwhelming conclusion was that roundly shaped colloidal silver with a particle size of 10-20 nm is the safest colloidal silver particles one can get. Very safe!

In fact, there was no scientific proof – NONE WHATSOEVER! - showing that non-coated roundly shaped nanoparticles of 10-20 nm in size are unsafe for any individual who ingests them. However, our colloidal concentrate is coated with a natural ingredient, which makes it even more safe, as it prevents clumping, aggregation and trapping in the tissues.

However, just to be on a very, very safe side please always follow the dilution guidelines.

For example JUST ONE DROP in 50 ml or 2 drops in 100 ml of any liquid will result in a 20 ppm concentration more than you usually get sold for $29.97 on the net.

colloidal silver 5
colloidal silver 6

Our Silver Concentrate is SO EASY to order!

Just click any “Click Here To Buy!” button on this page now and you will be directed to the processing page to process your purchase.

Follow the instructions, where you will be required to simply provide your details & particulars, after which you will be directed to checkout for easy processing.

And It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, International shipping for Colloidal Silver is available for global transportation at the much reduced cost due to it being a concentrate. It will be shipped to your front door for your convenience.

colloidal silver 5
colloidal silver 6

Important: This is a super-concentrate!
Just One Drop in a 1 oz bottle of water gives you more silver than what is sold out there for $19-$29.
There are 86 drops per bottle!

Receive Power Source One monthly and SAVE. You can cancel the monthly subscription at any time and retain the savings.

Can you tolerate even another day of sluggish tiredness and unproductivity?

Think of all you will gain – the cost of this product pales in comparison to the great benefits you stand to receive.

But there’s more..

As an added incentive, I have also included the following below bonuses for those who will order before midnight tonight:

The First 10 People Who Order A Colloidal Silver Vial Today Will Also Receive The Following Bonuses:

So Why “Give Away” This Product To You At A Fraction Of The Cost?

Here’s why I want to give this to you at such an unbelievable value – I realize that far too many people don’t understand how powerful colloidal silver can be in ensuring you live a healthier and disease-free lifestyle. What I have on offer for you now is a superior offering that I wanted to give instead of the flaky and over-hyped colloidal silver products on the market today. At this value and affordability, it will be able to get into more hands and change more people for the better.

Look, I know what I’m talking about over here. I have many years of experience in understanding & designing new Colloidal Silver and Gold products. Correctly using True Coated Colloidal Silver can change your life, your health, your well-being for the better and it will.

In Fact….

The cost of NOT investing into your own health and safety is the greatest risk you can take!


Would you or your family risk infection of malaria, HIV, Ebola, Cholera, TB, or even MRSA? I know this might sound extreme to you right now but the truth is that the overwhelming majority of people who suffer from infection are the ones who were ill-prepared for them. Proactively preventing disease versus reactively managing them is the really the best way to ensure a virus, infection & disease-free lifestyle.

You cannot afford to risk any longer the well-being of yours and your loved ones by leaving the safety of your life to chance.

Look, I know you want to enjoy your outdoor activities, camping or outside journeys in different environments free from irritating infections or worrying about disease. You need peace of mind that you can go anywhere, any country or environment and not be bed-ridden by irritating, debilitating illnesses.

Your family’s safety & health is a priority and shielding them from harmful ailments that cause pain & sickness is important.

And so I ask you.. when will ‘now’ be the right time?

Take action NOW!

colloidal silver 4

Important: This is a super-concentrate!
Just One Drop in a 1 oz bottle of water gives you more silver than what is sold out there for $19-$29.
There are 86 drops per bottle!

So order right now, click on the Click Here To Buy order button and watch your life, your health, and well-being turn around forever.

Dr. Calin V. Pop


P.S. Please remember, only the first 10 people to order today get the high value bonuses as well. Your 30 Day “No Quibbles, No Questions Asked guarantee is exactly that – totally free for you to use our True Coated Colloidal Silver without any risk whatsoever for the first 30 days. In fact, the only way you could incur any risk at all is by not accepting this invitation, and thus depriving yourself of the greatest health success advantage that you might ever have the opportunity to discover.