About Dr. Pop

Dr. Calin V. Pop, is a Medical Doctor, Internal Medicine specialist who has over two decades of hands-on practical experience on real-life patients combining mainstream medicine with unconventional therapies. 

Dr. Pop specializes in addressing the deeper, underlying causes of illness and disease. He believes that everyone deserves to live up to his or her full potential, to live a long, healthy, vibrant life. However, things have become too complicated and confusing in health care, and most people cannot sort out the overload of misinformation in time to find healing and relief from various conditions.

Dr. Pop provides this kind of precious expert-guidance
made-simple in his book series, Dr. Pop’s Secrets Of
, which focuses on a variety of health concerns, such as: Health 101, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Fatigue and Depression.

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Dr. Pop has authored many eye-opening books, including The Symbolic Message of Illness and The Truth About Colloidal Silver and Goldas well as a series of three books about his self-pioneered new concept, The Exhaustion Syndrome.

Dr. Pop was born in the heart of Transylvania, but he departed for America a few decades ago with little more than a dream, a suitcase, and two dollars in his pocket. He is now the founder and president of Unique Health Care Solutions, an innovative medical center that effectively combines conventional medicine with cutting-edge integrative and functional medicine.

Dr. Pop’s goal as a Medical Doctor is to employ modalities and therapies that support the body’s natural healing processes. At the heart of Dr. Pop’s practice is the belief that maintaining and improving one’s health is a process that requires expert guidance. He encourages his patients to make wise lifestyle changes, even unconventional, that will result in increased health and longevity.

He strongly believes nutritional and lifestyle modalities should be used as first line approaches for chronic illness and that there is nothing merely complementary or alternative about it. The concept of lifestyle as medicine is the real driving force beneath all aspects of health and patient care.

In addition to caring for his patients and clients, Dr. Pop works diligently as a knowledgeable nutritional supplement designer, consultant, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and member of several medical societies. He brings extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise in health-related fields to the forefront as he explores the deeper, underlying cause of illness.

He is a passionate advocate of natural medicine, a wellness champion, and a visionary who dreams of a supportive, passionate health care community that gracefully combines effective natural therapies with conventional medicine, a concept that will influence the existing health care system, which he believes is currently limited.