Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products and services certified?

Our products and services are not the standard of care, or even the standard of thinking. They were never evaluated  or certified by any authority, including the FDA. These are new, pioneering ideas, products and services for the open minded. They may not work for you or anyone you know. 

Will it work for me?

Like anything else, statistically speaking this will work exceptionally well for anyone who is ready and willing to put up  the effort. The results will speak for themselves. However, there are always a small percentage of severe, complicated, unusual, or difficult cases and those are difficult or impossible to help.

Do you offer a guarantee?

For most items we offer a 30 days money back guarantee. In rare cases, on a case by case basis, once a service has been delivered and is not what the client wants to hear, there may be a slight departure from this policy. You will know in advance if the product of service you desire is subject to this or not.

I have a question not answered on the website

If it is an administrative matter please contact us at the support desk or if it is medical in nature please go to the Ask Dr. Pop section.

Are your methods scientific?

The ideas, products and services presented herein are a scientific distillation of Dr. Pop's knowledge. They are the result of thousands of hours of research, experience and practical knowledge. The fact that there are not pages and pages of studies, notes or references does not make this work any less scientific. The studies and references were deliberately kept away to make these concepts clear, simple and practical.