What’s the Best Time to Sleep and Wake Up?

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In an “ideal” world, you’d have the luxury of going to bed early and then waking up early, all rested for a productive day ahead.  But some commitments, like job duties or child care, can make it difficult to adhere to the “early to bed, early to rise” philosophy.  There are perhaps two important aspects…

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Fifteen Home Remedies For Acne

Many home remedies can help improve a person’s acne pimples and sores. Home remedies for acne include gentle herbal creams and gels, essential oils, natural supplements, and some simple lifestyle changes.  Acne develops when pores become clogged or infected with bacteria. Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, affecting around 80…

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What Are The Benefits Of Aloe Vera?

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Aloe vera is a popular medicinal plant that people have used for thousands of years.  Aloe vera, or Aloe barbadensis, is a thick, short-stemmed plant that stores water in its leaves. It is best known for treating skin injuries, but it also has several other uses that could potentially benefit health.  1. It contains healthful…

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11 Cold and Flu Home Remedies

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Treat your cold at home   Being sick, even when you’re home in bed, isn’t fun. The combination of body aches, fever, chills, and nasal congestion can be enough to make anyone miserable.  There are plenty of home remedies that can alleviate your symptoms and get you back to normal. If you still feel sick after…

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The Restoration of Vitamin C Synthesis in Humans   

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by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD and Ron Hunninghake, MD  OMNS (May 11, 2022) The full importance of vitamin C in reaching and maintaining optimal health remains largely unappreciated by most traditional health care practitioners. Certainly, it is widely appreciated that vitamin C is required to sustain life, and that its severe deficiency in the…

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7 Health Benefits Of Morning Water Therapy

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Morning Water Therapy Benefits You Should Know About  Drinking Water First Thing in the Morning  Generally speaking, people rush to drink water when it’s hot out or after we’ve been physically active.  Those are good times to drink water, but the best time and the one most people are missing out on is in the…

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Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

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Chlorophyll is the natural compound present in green plants that gives them their color. It helps plants to absorb energy from the sun as they undergo the process of photosynthesis. This nutrient is present in green vegetables and other plant-based foods, like algae. The greener the vegetable is, the higher its chlorophyll content.  There are…

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8 Benefits Of Swimming Whatever Your Fitness Level

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No matter what your fitness level, the general benefits of swimming are yours to go out and grab and make your own. It has the power to give your muscles a makeover, transform you into a cardio king, turn back the clock, and calm you quicker than a secluded beach in the Bahamas. But if…

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7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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The best way to deal with any medical condition — even COVID-19, the disease caused by the new strain of coronavirus — is by using prevention. It’s important that we do whatever we can to avoid getting sick, and that includes washing your hands thoroughly, regularly and effectively. Many viruses are transmitted by your own…

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10 Natural Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

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It’s normal to feel a bit anxious after learning you have high cholesterol. Common concerns include the health risks of high cholesterol, medication costs, and side effects. And with so many classes of medications for cholesterol to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start.   But there may be some easy changes in the…

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Aerobic exercise: Top 10 reasons to get physical

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  Regardless of age, weight or athletic ability, aerobic exercise is good for you. See why — then prepare yourself to get moving.  Regular aerobic activity, such as walking, bicycling or swimming, can help you live longer and healthier. Need motivation? See how aerobic exercise affects your heart, lungs and blood flow. Then get moving…

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5 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Eyes 

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  There are many things you can do to take care of your eyes. While visiting the eye doctor is an important and necessary step, there are many things you can do on a daily basis to take better care of your eyes. Below are five little changes you can make today to add to…

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Top Self-Care Techniques for Migraine 

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How to Help Yourself If you have migraine headaches, you want relief. While you first need to work with your doctor on a treatment plan, there are some things you can do on your own that may take the edge off.  Here’s what experts and people with migraine recommend. Slip on Shades Does light make…

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12 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Fish 

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Improving your diet is one of the simplest ways to decrease your risk of developing a chronic disease and increase your wellness. Eating fish once or twice a week is a great way to improve your diet. Fish are full of essential nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B complex and vitamin…

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How Does Running Improve Your Health?

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Running is a popular form of exercise for a reason. It doesn’t need much equipment, and you can do it just about anywhere or anytime it is convenient for you. Plus, experts say it improves heart health. ‌  Better cardio health. Running, or jogging, is one of the best cardio exercises you can do. Running…

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The Benefits of Starting Your Day with a Walk

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  When you wake up in the morning, movement might not be your first priority. But starting your day with a walk — whether it’s around your neighborhood or part of your commute to work or school — can offer your body a number of health benefits. Here are 10 reasons why you may want…

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9 tips to boost your energy — naturally 

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Go to the store, and you’ll see a multitude of vitamins, herbs, and other supplements touted as energy boosters. Some are even added to soft drinks and other foods. But there’s little or no scientific evidence that energy boosters like ginseng, guarana, and chromium picolinate actually work. Thankfully, there are things you can do to…

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Fibromyalgia: Exercise helps — here’s how to start

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If you have fibromyalgia and you’re in pain, exercising is probably the last thing you feel like doing. But experts say it’s actually one of the most effective strategies you can try to help manage this chronic pain condition. Yet many people with fibromyalgia already struggle to get through their regular daily activities. Adding exercise…

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9 Ways To Relieve Acid Reflux Without Medication

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A few lifestyle changes are worth trying before resorting to drugs for controlling gastroesophageal reflux. If you are sounding a little hoarse and have a sore throat, you may be bracing for a cold or a bout of the flu. But if you’ve had these symptoms for a while, they might be caused not by…

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Probiotic Bacteria May Burn Belly Fat

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Supplements containing live bacteria, called probiotics, may burn abdominal fat, according to a new small study. The findings, published Oct. 9 in the Journal of Functional Foods, suggest that a new probiotic supplement that prevents intestinal fat absorption could be an effective weight-loss tool. The study was funded by Micropharma, the company that makes the…

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5 Ways to Practice Breath-Focused Meditation

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From deep and controlled breathing to a shallow and present style, learn different techniques to help you achieve soundness of mind. Take a deep breath — a phrase we are all too familiar with as a last resort to relieve stress and frustration. But it actually works. Deep breathing is a form of meditation, a…

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Simple Steps to Preventing Diabetes

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Simple steps to lowering your risk  Control your weight Excess weight is the single most important cause of type 2 diabetes. Being overweight increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes seven-fold. Being obese makes you 20 to 40 times more likely to develop diabetes than someone with a healthy weight. Losing weight can help…

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Sugar Cravings: 4 Reasons They Happen and How to Stop Them

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Sugar cravings affect everyone—myself and Natalie Jill included. Clients ask us both about this all the time, so we thought we’d explain why they happen and what you can do to fight them. The key to dealing with them is to start with understanding why you’re getting them in the first place. Then, once you’re…

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Benefits of Exercise

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We have all heard it many times before – regular exercise is good for you, and it can help you lose weight. But if you are like many Americans, you are busy, you have a sedentary job, and you haven’t yet changed your exercise habits. The good news is that it’s never too late to…

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7 health benefits of vitamin C

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Vitamin C is one of the most popular micronutrients due to it’s role as an immune booster and source of energy, activity and happiness. We investigate the 7 main health benefits of vitamin C that have given it such a good reputation. Vitamin C has been widely regarded as essential to everyone’s  nutrition for years now, especially…

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6 Wonderful Health Benefits of Detox Drinks

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Detox drinks are fast gaining recognition in the fitness world. Detox drinks offer a major boost to your metabolism. Detox drinks filter out toxins from the food we consume Detoxing one’s body is fast becoming a new trend in the world of fitness. While the word is shrouded with multiple ambiguities, those who have incorporated…

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Smothering the Fire: How Vitamin C Can Stop Viral Infections Quickly

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by Tom Taylor “Smothering the fire”? Do you remember the old forest fire fighting movies? Someone in a fire tower spots smoke and a plane load of fire jumpers go out and puts the fire out before it really gets going. Then occasionally, the fire gets too well established before the jumpers can get there…

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Eating Blueberries May Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease, Study Suggests

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The findings support past research that shows the antioxidant-packed berries lower cholesterol and improve how the arteries function. No one has to tell you that blueberries are good for you. Now, a new study adds to the mounting evidence that the fruit may improve heart health. The new research, published in the June 2019 issue…

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What are the best foods to fight aging?

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Eat well for a long and healthy life – that’s a mantra that we’re all familiar with, but what are the best foods to help us achieve that goal? In this article, we give you an overview of some of the most healthful and nutritious foods. What are the best foods for a healthful diet?…

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The Importance of Food

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The Importance of Food Beginning the day with healthy food is essential for a quality, healthy life. Breakfast refers to a breaking in our overnight fast, and it is crucially important. After sleep, as your body awakens, it needs energy to start working. In the morning, your body wants to be fed and energized. If…

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Diet as Lifestyle

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Diet as Lifestyle   Two of the most crucial lifestyle elements are diet and exercise. We must face this truth early on if we are to have any chance of fighting any chronic illness: If you want a permanent victory, you must cut all carbohydrates out of the diet. In spite of the conflicting reports…

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Fluorescent Lights, Microwaves and Alcohol

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Fluorescent Lights, Microwaves and Alcohol   Fluorescent Lights   Fluorescent lights are not good for us because they are not comprised of a natural spectrum of light. The light is bluer, and the frequencies of light are not balanced. On top of that, fluorescent light is not continuous light; it flickers at a rate of…

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