Why Should You Listen To Me?

  • Because I am a Medical Doctor since 1989, an Internal Medicine specialist since Board certified in 1996 and have over three  decades of hands-on practical experience on real-life patients combining mainstream medicine with unconventional therapies.
  • I specialize in addressing the deeper, underlying causes of illness and disease. However, things have become too complicated and confusing in medicine and health care. Most people cannot sort out the overload of misinformation in time to find relief from their health conditions. This is where I come in.
  • I provide this kind of precious expert-guidance made simple in my book series, Dr. Pop’s Secrets Of Health, which focuses on: General Health , Diabetes, Heart Disease, Fatigue and Depression.
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      Calin V. Pop, MD

Why Should You Listen To Me? 

I’m a real, licensed, Internal Medicine doctor with over 25 years of hands-on experience with real-life patients

I am the author of the popular health book series called “Dr. Pop’s Secrets of Health - What Your Doctor Never Told You

I helped thousands improve and reverse their illness

I am an author of at least 11 original books on healthcare subjects

I am always searching for the out-of-the box, hidden solution that very few know about

I am an expert in conventional and unconventional medicine

I was born in Transylvania, and I came to America a few decades ago with little more than a dream, a suitcase, and two dollars in my pocket. He is now the founder and president of Unique Health Care Solutions, an innovative medical center that effectively combines conventional medicine with cutting-edge integrative and functional medicine.

My goal as a Medical Doctor is to employ modalities and therapies that support the body’s natural healing processes. At the heart of my practice is the belief that maintaining and improving one’s health is a process that requires expert guidance.

He strongly believes nutritional and lifestyle modalities should be used as first line approaches for chronic illness.

I am also a nutritional supplement expert, designer, consultant, author, entrepreneur, and member of several medical societies.

I am a passionate advocate of natural, nontraditional medicine, mostly I believe that vitamins and nutrients administered in the correct form and correct amount can by far outplay conventional medicine.

In conclusion,  I started Medicine over 30 years ago, I've helped people all over the world, I've written 11 plus books, I continue to have a hands of practice of medicine to this very day.

Part of the reason I am having this website is I wanna help more people and to make it easy for people to find out who we are, my beliefs, my methods, even about my brand new program called The Lifeline Method in which I teach health coaches to reverse diabetes without medications in three months or less.